What it is?

This is a highly interactive half day workshop that provides individuals with tools and techniques they can use to more effectively and productively manage their personal approach to creative thinking and problem solving. 

What you will learn?

How to:

  • Describe the nature of creativity and innovation and the need for different types of creativity throughout your organisation.
  • Apply practical tools for generating ideas and developing creativity on a daily basis on yourself and in others.
  • Give feedback to ideas in a way that helps keep newness alive and helps stimulate better working relationships with others.
  • Implement specific actions for developing your creativity.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to make decisions, problem solve and use creativity in their role.

Bringing real life problems I face in the NHS to the workshop, and working through them with tools was really useful.
— NHS Manager
I learnt how to develop and implement a problem solving approach in group scenarios.
It was all very useful but particularly SCAMPER and ALUo. And also doing something of use to me-practically applying the tools.

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