What it is?

This workshop introduces coaches and facilitators to a creative tool using photos, music, stories and mindfulness to enhance insight, find solutions, develop teams and deepen personal learning.

What you will learn?

How we look at a photo using photo therapy techniques to broaden and deepen perspectives on a topic. 

  • A 3 step basic process, of pausing, playing and focusing typically used  in workshops and coaching experiences using this tool. 
  • A process to retell your story from new points of you to explore an issue and to hear feedback about yourself.  
  • A great process for teams to break down barriers and develop joint values
  • How to use the tool in your one to one coaching
  • An opportunity to consider how you can use the tools in your work

Who is it for?

Anyone who coaches, facilitates or works with groups

I really enjoyed it & the group.  I thought you were fabulous - bringing lightness & effortlessness, enjoyment, knowledge & experience, whilst at the same time managing really well the time/pace & more verbal participants,  providing guidance & steering us, & answering all questions.
— Adrienne Fish Recruitment Consultant
Exposure to an approach that is quite different to my habitual coaching. The pleasure of working with a group of people who were generous and supportive but also gently challenging.
— Ian Mercer – Coach

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